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Past Performance

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Below is the last 6 years of history for Forsyth County North Carolina.  If you are close to this area, the below should be used as a guideline.  I'd be glad to send you the data for your county.  As you will see, the insurance premium for this coverage is $6.00 per colony per year.  In 2013 the Indemnity or payment from the insurance company was $12.00.  2012 $14.00 ; 2011 $11.00 ; 2010 $4.00  ;  2009 $9.00  ;  2008 $11.00  ;   As you can see in only 1 of the last 6 years, 2010 did you not get your $6.00 back.  If we take the average of the 6 years your indemnity was $10.16 per hive.  Take the $6 premium out and it gives a profit of $4.16 per colony per year added to your bottom line or 169% Return on investment.


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