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We help beekeepers protect their bottom line with Federally Subsidized Crop Insurance.  The past performance of the Rainfall Index Apiculture insurance has proven itself to be a useful risk management tool with historical revenue to back it up


We work with beekeepers of all sizes in all states of the country.  Whether you are a hobby beekeeper with 30 hives, or a commercial beekeeper with 30,000 hives, the federal program does not discriminate and we are excited to see how we can help you!

Meet Kevin Gubbels, Insure My Honey Owner
"My goal is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your business, be it a small or large organization.​  I will design an insurance plan tailored specifically to the needs of your area in order to ensure you achieve the risk protection you need.​  Check out the Past Performance tab, and if there isn't history for your area, let me know and I'll be glad to send it to you!"


We've been involved in the agricultural industry for over 100 years, localized in the state of Nebraska.  Insure My Honey agents have already helped Midwest farmers with the Federal MPCI program, and now, the RMA has developed federally subsidized programs for Apiculture!  When we realized how beneficial this could be for beekeepers, we had to start getting the word out!  


Need PRF Insurance?

Insure My Forage, a prestigious provider of the federally subsidized PRF program for grazing and haying producers, has you covered in every state in the US!

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