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Kevin Gubbels, President & Owner
"My goal is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your business, be it a small or large organization.​  I will design an insurance plan tailored specifically to the needs of your area in order to ensure you achieve the risk protection you need.​  Check out the Past Performance tab, and if there isn't history for your area, let me know and I'll be glad to send it to you!"
Stephanie Koljonen, Agent
"I come from a small town in Minnesota surrounded by lakes and farms. I became apart of the beekeeping industry a few years ago and have been involved in almond pollination in California and honey harvests in the Midwest (yes, I have even pulled honey supers with Bee-Go!).  That's when I discovered how amazing honeybees are. I have been in the insurance industry for several years which is where I came across Insure My Honey. I became an agent because I care about the bees and the beekeepers that work hard to keep them alive. We know the bee industry is unpredictable that is why Insure My Honey is here to help protect us beekeepers."
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Insure My Forage, a prestigious provider of the federally subsidized PRF program for grazing and haying producers, has you covered in every state in the US!

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